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Driver CPC Courses

Driver CPC Courses to keep drivers and vehicle operators on the right track

Whether you’re a driver or vehicle operator Freight Train’s professional and engaging training courses cover a comprehensive range of subjects and skills required in order to keep companies and drivers alike legal and safe on the roads.

Tailored around clients’ timescales to ensure minimum disruption to operations, courses can either be delivered at Freight Train’s centre in Bradford or at a company’s own premises. All courses are designed and delivered by experienced industry professionals with a focus on being engaging and cost effective

Course approval CRS12978/590  – 3.5 hour modules

Module 1 – driver fundamentals 1 – operators’ licence compliance – the role of the driver / EU drivers’ hours, domestic rules, mixed driving

Course aim –

  • To embed knowledge and understanding of EU drivers’ hours regulations, domestic rules and the role of the driver in ensuring operators’ licence compliance.

Module 2 – driver fundamentals 2 – road transport working time directive, tachograph rules and regulations, penalties for infringements

Course aim –

  • To display an understanding of the road transport working time directive and the link to drivers’ hours regulations (with particular regard to breaks).
  • To embed knowledge and understanding of tachograph rules and regulations and recognize the penalties for infringements.

Module 3 – workplace welfare 1 – health & safety, duty of care of employer and employee, basic manual handling

Course aim –

  • To provide drivers with an overview of the duty of care placed upon the employer, employee and self-employed in promoting best practice in ensuring health and safety in the workplace.
  • To demonstrate how to carry out risk assessments.
  • To demonstrate basic training in manual handling and lifting techniques.

Module 4 – workplace welfare 2 – transport health, safety and security

Course aim –

  • To recognise the role that health and safety plays both on the road and in the workplace.
  • To identify safe driving and working practices to protect the driver, company vehicle and the general public.

This module includes working at heights, safe loading, walk round checks, vulnerable road users, actions to be taken at the scene of a road traffic incident.

Module 5 – fuel efficient and safe driving

Course aim –

  • To provide drivers with the knowledge to promote and improve fuel efficient and safe driving.

Module 6 – Customer Care, Driver and Vehicle Safety

Course aim –

  • To recognise the importance of the driver in promoting best practice customer service and in safeguarding the company reputation, image and brand.
  • To recognise and demonstrate the importance of positive communication, avoiding conflict and disputes.
  • To identify the risks to drivers in road transport and preventative measures to protect the driver, vehicle and load.

This module includes the immigration and asylum act 1999 and actions/procedures to prevent the illegal trafficking of migrants.

Module 7 – safe loading of vehicles (including codes of practice)

Course aim –

  • To embed knowledge and understanding of the code of practice and industry requirements for the safe loading of goods vehicles and load security.
  • To recognise the health and safety risks and, financial and punitive penalties for failure to respect the codes of practice.

Module 8 – driver responsibilities, daily walk round checks, defect reporting and recording

Course aim –

  • To identify the duties and responsibilities of the professional driver.
  • To recognise the importance to both the driver and the Company of thorough, documented walk round checks, documented defect reporting and the recording of corrective action.
  • To identify items to be checked and standard of inspection

Course approval CRS11895/590 – 7 hours

Managing alcohol, drugs & risks on the road

Course aim –

  • To recognise the risks associated with driving for work and to provide information to enhance the ability to manage personal safety and safety on the road.
  • To improve knowledge and understanding about the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving ability and how to remain alcohol free and not impaired through drugs.

Course approval CRS13567/590 – 7 hours

Driver safety and the awkward questions

Course aim –

  • To equip learners with the knowledge to assess fitness and ability to drive safely.
  • To recognise the commercial, financial and emotional consequences of driving in an unfit state.

Course content

All courses are interactive and reflect real life events and issues faced by drivers and companies in the transport industry.

For in-house training, where possible and relative, activities and discussions are linked to a Company’s own internal processes and procedures rather than using generic documentation. The objective is to embed and enhance a company’s systems and provide real value for money. We therefore take time to understand our clients’ operations and needs.

Freight Train uses discussion, presentations, activities, short films and handouts to make each course as accessible, interactive, informative and, important to us, as enjoyable as possible.

Freight Train’s overall objective is to protect the driving licence, operators’ licence and livelihood of all drivers. We therefore offer on-going support and assistance through our consultancy service.

To enquire about availability on any of our open driver CPC courses, book a place or discuss our training, please fill out the contact form here or call us on 01274 608900.

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'Once again a splendid course which was well constructed with informative content delivered in an interesting manner. The feedback sheet speaks for the drivers, who were very impressed by the whole event. They have already begun asking when the next one is, and can they put their name on the booking form. Thank you Lesley for making the day so enjoyable.'

Bob Curtis, Compliance Manager, CFT Services